Know Your MVP - Krishna Garad

krishnasarala.jpg1. What is your name?

My name is Krishna Garad.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I have 3+ years of experience in Microsoft technologies. Currently i am working as a Software Engg. at Ascendia Technology Solution Hyderabad. And I've completed my post-graduation from Nagpur University in 2010.  

3. How long have you been associated with the C# Corner?
 I've been associated with C# Corner since the year 2009 .
 4 What makes you become a part of C# Corner?
 A community Member.
 5. How has C# Corner helped you personally?

 Being a C# corner MVP has helped me gain more recognition in the professional society.
 6. How has C# Corner helped you professionally?
 I have garnered more respect from the fellow developers.
 7. How would you explain C# Corner to a young student?
 Actually when I joined the C# Corner in 2009 I was a student. For my academic projects i sought and got a lot of help from the C# corner articles. C# blogs and articles helped me with all the major issues i faced, besides guiding me on how to start my project work. I got all this help only from the C# corner. C# corner is not only made for the professionals but also is extremely helpful for the students as well.
 8. Can you tell us a little bit about your family background?
 My parents have their own businesses; currently they are living in Maharashtra. I've two more sisters and both are married. Next is me and my wife. For me my wife is my inspiration. Whenever I face any problem she understands and helps me to get out of it.
 9. Can you tell us about your education?
 I completed my B.A. degree from the Amaravathi University. After that I did my Master of Computer Management from Nagpur University in the year 2010 with 74%. And then within 1 month I got a job and started working.
 10. What do you do for fun?
 For fun I surf the internet - looking for some articles on the new technology, videos and blogs.
 11. What makes you choose C# Corner as your community?
 It helps in solving all the problems, that’s why i prefer the C# Corner to be my community.
 12. If you need to make one change in C# Corner, what would that be?
 MVP event at Hyderabad.