Know Your MVP - Shankar

Shankar1. What is your name?

I am Shankar.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a Software Engineer with 2+ Years’ of experience, presently associated with the Saint-Gobain Glass India Limited. I completed my Post Graduation from Anna University, Chennai in 2011.

3. How long have you been associated with C# Corner?

I have been associated with C# Corner from 2011 since the time I started my career.

4. What makes you to be a part of C# Corner?

The aspect of Sharing Knowledge through this platform and also where I can learn new things.

5. How has C# Corner helped you personally?

Personally feeling, when I started my career I read the basics from Mahesh Chand's Posts which really helped me out a lot.

6. How has C# Corner helped you professionally?

C# Corner provides good recognition to those who contribute a lot by spending their valuable time answering posts, publishing articles etc. C# Corner brings me a lot of respect among my fellow developers.

7. How would you explain C# Corner to a young student?

C# Corner is a good place where you can learn, explore and share your knowledge. You can acquire recognition in a Professional life as well as in the society.

8. Can you tell us a little bit about your family background?

I was brought up at Chennai. I have a younger brother. He is a Cost Accountant. And my mother is a house wife.

9. Can you tell us about your education?

I did my Schooling at Vijayantha Model Higher Secondary School, Avadi (2003-2005). I did my B.Sc. from Madras University and completed my Master’s from Anna University, Chennai.

10. What do you do for fun?

At my leisure time I listen to music and do some surfing.

11. What makes you choose C# Corner as your community?

The way the experts help us in sorting out our problems and eventually the things we learn made me choose C# Corner.

12. If you need to make one change to C# Corner, what would that be?

My kind request is that you organize the MVP events in Chennai as well.

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