Know Your MVP - Sourav Kayal

  1. What is your name?

  Sourav Kayal

  2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

  It’s not good to talk much about yourself, Ha.Ha.. and I don’t want to avoid   
 this question. I am Sourav, by profession a .NET developer, working in the Healthcare domain. I have been in the industry for 1 year, and have been working on the .NET platform for nearly 2 years. I like to write, read and motivate young developers. I believe in the thought that “There is nothing to lose in life. When you came, did not bring anything, when you will go, you will not take anything.”

3. How long have you been associated with the C# Corner?

From the past 6 months I have been and am with but it seems like i have been here for just for 6 days. Moral :- When you are happy time goes fast, you cannot realize it. (theory of relativity, Ha..Ha..)

4. What makes you to be a part of C# Corner?

When I started to learn .NET in my college days, I used to search on google (the same thing that everyone does) and I could find many good articles from here and there. And obviously was one of them. (Believe me or not, I did not buy a single book to learn .NET) I started to think that I am learning C# .NET from the various forums and websites, someone has already done it for me, so, why not do the same for my next generation? Hence I became a part of C# Corner.
Here is the story that inspires me to write.

One day one motor bike was passing through the highway at midnight. The rider saw another bike rider standing by the highway with his out of order motorbike. He stopped in front of the guy, and asked, “What happened”? The other replied “I don’t have enough fuel to drive”. The first guy opens his carrier box and takes out one bottle of petrol from it and gives it to him. He took it and poured it into his empty motorbike tank. Now when he was about to return the empty bottle.

The first one replied, “Don’t return it to me, keep the bottle full and keep it always with you. One day me too was in the same situation and someone had given it to me.”

Guys, you might be in the position of the second person, try to be the first person.

5.How does C# Corner help you personally?

I see, I forget, I read I learn, I do I understood. Before writing an article I do it for my understanding.

6.How does C# Corner help you professionally?

Not much, I get in touch with a few great people, being an author, sometimes they help me, sometimes they do not (Ha..Ha.. That’s not my complain, they are too busy).

7.How would you explain C# Corner to a young student?

My dear student, it hasn’t been many days when I was in your stage. There is one huge gap between the academic syllabus and the industrial syllabus (let’s take it as a syllabus). Industrial syllabus starts where the academics ends, so be passionate about some technologies pick one and become a master of it. Now, the question is how to be the master? The answer is, read about it, dream about it, write about it and talk about it. One day automatically you will become a master of it. is great platform to perform all those activity.

8.Can you tell us a little bit about your family background?

My father is a retired school teacher who has shown full faith in me from my school days, never worried about my education and future, never allowed me a kingly lifestyle while I was growing, never accounted my expenditure and always said “Read Vivekananda” if you want to be a human being.
My mother is the first person who told me to study the science subject. If she did not guide me, then today I might have been in some other field with some other passion.

9.Can you tell us about your education?

Let’s talk about my formal education at first, and then I will come to my education in computers. I have completed my H.S from Shyampur High School, B.Sc. in Computer Science from Vidyasagar University and MCA under Anna University, Chennai. I touched the computer for the first time after my H.S standard (before that I only saw it through the window of my H.S school’s computer lab with people doing HTML, this I realized later). Then I took admission in Computer Sc. and started to learn the basics of the programming, C, C++, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UNIX programming, 8085 assembly language programming (which was my favorite one). I got one basic idea about the nature of programming language.

I joined the MCA course, later, and started to implement the useless and the nonsense projects (my friend and senior might had laughed at them at my back, but they were very useful to me).
I fell in dilemma, whether I wanted to learn PHP or Java? So I started with PHP followed by Java and ended with C# .NET.

10.What do you do for fun?

I eat, sleep and .NET, I am happy,. Is it not a great fun in life?

11.What makes you choose C# Corner as your community?

Nothing special, I used to read the articles of a few great person (I respect them as a guru). I saw that they write and talk here, I got inspired by them, so I joined this community and the next part is known to all of you (if you are a regular in this platform).

12.If you need to make one change to C# Corner, what would that be?

People write articles in a very formal way here. If I was the moderator I would have made a rule to put at least a smiley at the end of the article.

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