Know Your MVP - Sumit Jolly

1. What is your name?

Sumit Jolly

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am passionate about technology and love to code. I am in software industry for 10 years and played various roles, e.g., developer, technical lead, architect.

3. How long have you been associated with C# Corner and have it helped you personally and professionally?

I joined this year April 2014 and I become active contributor via C# Corner and made many friends too. It has given me a platform to share my knowledge & learn from others. C# Corner is a temple of learning & sharing.

I would like to thank C# Corner for giving me opportunity as Delhi Chapter lead. It has contributed a lot in my professional grooming as I improved in two areas:

  • Speaking skills: As I've spoken many times at Developer day & Students day it helped me enhance it
  • Writing skills: Writing is an art and article writing has helped me to pen down my thoughts better.

4. How would you explain C# Corner to a young student?

For young student, C#Corner is one stop shop for leaning.

5. Can you tell us little bit about your family background?

I am born & brought up in Delhi. I thank almighty for giving me three beautiful women around me, my mother, wife & daughter.

6. Can you tell us about your education?

  • Bachelor in Computer Applications
  • Master in Computer Applications
  • Master in Business Administration (IT)
  • Advance Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE)

7. What do you do for fun?

I indulge in lot of activities for fun:

  • Travel: An avid traveler and love to explore new places
  • Fitness freak: I'm distance runner & run marathons. I like swimming too.

8. If you need to change one thing in this world, what would that be?

I remember popular song by MJ: "Heal the world & make it better place!" I promote GO Green ( to eliminate global warming & save my, our, planet from climate disorders

9. If you need to make one change to C# Corner, what would that be?

I would like to have cross chapter participation

10. What inspired you to start contributing to communities and what do you get out of it?

A very honest answer "Mahesh Chand" inspired me to start contributing to community. I met him at C# Corner 2014 Annual Conference & he encouraged me to join the community & contribute. Eventually, this turned into passion now & I enjoy it. Thanks Mahesh!


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