Large Comprehensive IT Company Atos to Suppression e-mail

In this news you wil get information about Atos IT company.

Atos, one of largest information technology companies in the world with over 80,000 workers in 42 countries, will soon ban e-mails because it says 90 per cent of them are a waste of time.


The corporation headquarter of Atos company is located in Paris said too many employees waste time dealing with irrelevant e-mails, according to the Daily Mail.The company's primary business areas are Information Technology, Medical Services, and Business Consulting. The company has operations and partnerships worldwide but is primarily European-based.

Atos's CEO Thierry Breton is popping up again in the press, telling the world that he's fed up with his employees wasting their time sending each other email. He likens email to industrial pollution, and wants all communication within the organization to happen face-to-face, on the phone, or -- and I cannot believe I'm writing this -- via text message.


In February 2009, Atos Origin announced a new organization and a TOP Program aimed at accelerating margin improvement by increasing efficiency and operating globally.