Launch of 60 new open graph application by Facebook

Facebook has made an announcement about lauching a range of new applications using Open Graph platform.Sixty new applications have been launched by various companies in n number of fields.It includes food,travel and entertainment with additional features.It will surely help developers in publishing a much wider range of information and several actions on this site.In September,this social site has introduced a variety of new actions for developers.These range of actions allowed the users to listen to songs on music streaming service and to read news on The Guardian as well.Other options for watching videos and playing games were available as well.Facebook has claimed that since 2007, it was the most significant development to the platform.Facebook has expanded the catalogue of verbs to include actions such as ‘tried’, ‘wanted’, ‘rated’ or even ‘nom’.It would be helpful as well to expand the capabilities and also help in opening new doors for new opportunities for social applications.
If a post receives comments, it can be promoted to the main News Feed, increasing the chances of a user’s friends investigating the app and possibly signing up, a major boost for developers.These applications after installing once will start to share information
automatically with your friends.During installation,these applications will have to explain about the content of the information and the method to be shared.Mike Keating, the enterprise solution director at Techlightenment said in his speech that this was a massive development for for both consumers and marketers.He also said that Facebook's custom actions will give brands the ability to create their own actions and associated objects.He said that this is really an important development for the consumers.The timeline profile was launched in the month of December and is aimed as unlocking older information on a user's profile.Now the thing which is to be seen is how millions of user's react on the launch of these additional actions.


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