Learn C# 8.0

We just launched a new learn series on C# version 8.0 that includes articles and code samples of C# version 8 features.

C# 8.0 is the latest version announced by Microsoft and C# team. C# 8.0 is being shipped with Visual Studio 2019 latest update and .NET Core 3.1 or later. 
C# version 8.0 offers several advanced features. In this learn series, you'll learn the following C# 8.0 features:
Default Interface Implementation
Switch Expressions And Pattern Matching
Ranges And Indices
Nullable Reference Types
Async Stream And Static Local Function
New using declaration and read-only struct members
Using Declarations And Static Local Functions
Null-Coalescing Assignment Operator
Static Local Functions
'Nullable Enable') To Avoid Null Reference Exception
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