LG Announces Its New Framework For Propelling AI

Recently, at CES 2020, LG Electronics announced a new framework for advancing AI development. This conceptual framework aligns with the LG ThinQ brand and LG's ambitious vision to transform the daily experience by connecting all aspects of people's lives with intelligent touchpoints.
Dr. Park from LG said, "amidst a wave of AI-related ideas and concepts, it is important to share a structured framework for the development of AI across the industry so that we may create a meaningful impact on the lives of customers we serve.
Source: LG
The company said that there are four levels of AI experience (AIX), i.e., Efficiency, Personalization, Reasoning and Exploration. And these are anchored in significant jumps in technical capability and its application.
Here, Efficiency, is where particular device and system functions can be automated via simple commands, which is currently possible with most voice recognition and AI-enabled products on the market today. And, Personalization, centers on pattern learning to optimize and personalize device functions. LG explained how its next-generation R9 robot vacuum cleaner will be able to learn from mistakes , such as getting stuck in gaps and corners, by identifying spatial patterns.
The third level, Reasoning, envisions an AI that uses causality learning through the collective intelligence of a system made up of different devices and services.
And the, level four, which is very far in future, Exploration, is "the ultimate destination for LG's AI," . Here, AI-enabled systems will be able to develop new capabilities through forming and testing hypotheses to uncover new inferences, enabling them to learn and improve, adding more value to users' lives.