LG files patent lawsuit against Hisense

Alleging that Hisense has stolen their technology, LG resorts to a legal battle to settle the issue.

Electronics company LG announced on Tuesday that it has filed suit against the Chinese manufacturer Hisense, claiming that several of their TV patents had been violated.
The lawsuit was filed in the Central District of California for the alleged violation of four patents by Hisense. These patent disputes all revolved around TV parts that handle aspects such as LED technology, interface, image sharpness, and WiFi data transfer. 
LG's move is not necessarily unwarranted. According to the company, Hisense had been warned before, but with no move towards resolving the issue, LG was forced to play its hand. In a statement, LG noted, "We will aggressively protect our patents."
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This isn't the first time Hisense has faced a legal battle; the company was sued by TV manufacturer Sharp in early 2017 (photo courtesy of thewrap.com).
According to ZD Net, within the past year, LG has been losing sales to rival companies and Chinese upstarts. These upstart companies sometimes undermine larger businesses such as LG with their ability to market their products at a lower price point. This strategy can deeply affect the market; LG saw profits halved this year's second quarter when compared to the same time last year.
While the larger companies lose out on sales, smaller ones have been reaping the benefits. Hisense has grown to become one of the largest players in terms of sales figures and holds 6.2% of the market share. Maybe the recent move by LG will place a check on Hisense, placing a hold on some of this growth.