Lighthouse 6.0 Brings New Metrics

Lighthouse 6.0 is available instantly on npm and in Chrome Canary.

Recently, Google released the latest version 6.0 of Lighthouse. Lighthouse 6.0 comes with a large number of changes like New metrics, New audits, Lighthouse CI, Browser extension, and more.
Lighthouse which is an automated website auditing tool gives developers opportunities and diagnostics to improve the user experience of their sites. Lighthouse is available in Chrome DevTools, npm as a Node module and a CLI, or as a browser extension in Chrome and Firefox.
Version 6.0 brings three new metrics to the report. Two of these new metrics Largest Contentful Paint and Cumulative Layout Shift are lab implementations of Core Web Vitals.
Largest Contentful Paint dubbed LCP gives a signal to developers about how quickly a user is actually able to see the content of a page. An LCP score below 2.5 seconds is considered 'Good.' On the other hand Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is a measurement of visual stability.
Third new metrics Total Blocking Time - TBT- quantifies load responsiveness. It gives the measure of the total amount of time when the main thread was blocked long enough to prevent input responsiveness.
There are some changes in Performance score calculation as well, like TTI's weight has been reduced from 33% to 15%, FCP's weight has been reduced from 23% to 15%, Max Potential FID has been deprecated, and First Meaningful Paint has been deprecated.
With this release, Lighthouse CI now has native support for numerous CI providers such as Travis, Circle, GitLab, and Github Actions. 

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