LinkedIn Adds New Features To Jobs Listings With Big Data Analytics

LinkedIn, a social network platform, which focuses the working world, has nearly 400 million members. This social networking site is well known for using algorithms, in order to suggest the members’ potential business connections and jobs opportunity, based on their profile. LinkedIn is now adding a new feature in its job listing platform. According to this new feature, members will now be able to more data details about the company and they will also be able to check who all works in that particular company. Member will also be able to gain information as to how he or she will compare to previous applicants.
The new features will start rolling today for U.S, Canada, UK, India and Australia. A LinkedIn spokesperson states that this feature will expand deeper to the other countries around the globe by early next year. The pricing for job listings remains the same.
It seems as if LinkedIn feels that by creating a better job hunting experience would lead to more use of this particular feature, and hence, it would lead to more members paying for the post listing.
LinkedIn understands that it needs to offer its members something different, compared to the other online job portals, and hence the company is adding new features for a better user’s experience. The new feature which the company recently added allows the members to look at the profiles of existing company, who holds similar jobs, and connect with them. Members can also see who in their network is connected through the company.
The Premium features, will give more insight about the company, along with wider hiring policies. Members will also be able to see the growth rate of the company, its average tenure, along with the top companies and schools it is hiring from, hence allow you to understand and determine if the particular company is right for you or not.
Another feature that LinkedIn has come up with is ‘Meet the Team’. However if you do not want to be part of this feature and would like to opt out of this, all you need to do is turn on/turn off the notification in the privacy setting , as per your preference.
LinkedIn is trying to build a stronger and better platform, by using its existing strength in big data and several data points.