LinkedIn Students App Launched To Help College Students Find A Job

Graduation is around the corner, and most of you must be worried that you will have wasted a large amount of money on fancy piece of paper and never find a job. Now, we need you to calm your nerves, because LinkedIn, the professional social networ, has launched an app that is completely dedicated to helping college students find their first job out of school.
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This app is known as LinkedIn Students, and it has students enter their school, major, and expected graduation date. It then helps you to connect with alumni and resources in order to help you search for a job.
The app takes you through a 5-step process, where you will need to swipe from screen to screen. It shows you the median salary in your field, along with the kind of work people who had your major at your school are doing at the moment, and at the same time it allows you to apply for a few jobs.
The first time you using the app  it will only show you one job posting, and that too is by design.
Apparently, college students need to get all the help that they can, hence the launch of this new app will be like a breath of fresh air, where they will be able to search for a job of their choice.
With the launch of this new app, LinkedIn will shut down some other resources that it had for students, which includes school finder and university ranking. These services will shut down by May 16.