Linux 5.10 LTS Is Out

The latest LTS release of Linux  Kernal, Linux 5.10, is now available.

Linux 5.10, the latest LTS release of Linux  Kernal, is out. In this latest version, most of the patches are small, Linus Torvalds noted in a post.

Torvalds said that 5.10 is mostly about drivers, along with a smattering of fixes all over-networking, architectures, filesystems, and tooling. 

The majority of the patches are very small, and the biggest one is fixing pin mapping definitions for a pincontrol driver.  Torvalds also mentioned that the merge window for 5.11 will start soon and that for now, he will be strict about merging only things that are ready before the merge window starts. 

The latest kernal include support for the ARMv8.5 memory tagging extension, support for the ISO 15765-2:2016 CAN transport protocol, and support for the SM2 digital-signature algorithm.  

The release also features support for the IGMPv3/MLDv2 multicast protocol, and support for Amazon Nitro enclaves.

5.10 brings more support for Intel Rocket Lake CPUs(the next generation desktop CPU architecture from Intel). The release also adds support for the initial RISC-V boot by EFI.

XFS file system is fixed - the year 2038 problem. Updates in inode in the allocation group makes faster mount times.


For additional details, you can visit the official announcement here.

Image Courtesy: Linux