Linux Foundation announces R Consortium

Today Linux Foundation announced R Consortium. This new initiative is a new group to unite the users of the open-source R programming language. R is used for statistical computing and graphics and is widely used among researchers, scientists, and statisticians.
The sponsors include Microsoft, Oracle, HP, and others. For R consortium, the founding organization is R Foundation. It is a separate nonprofit dedicated to maintain R.
As stated by John Chambers on behalf of the R Foundation Board:
“This is a great opportunity to harness the power of the thriving R user community around the globe and advance the R language for everyone,”
“The R Consortium will provide vital funding support for R services and development, made possible by the Linux Foundation’s proven track record of bringing large-scale communities together. We are looking forward to working with both organizations.”
Linux Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerate the growth of Linux and collaborative development. Local user groups all over the world are part of the R user community and the R Consortium will work with this user community and the R Foundation to advance the project for all users and developers.