Linux Kernel 3.13 Released

While it's coming late but Linus Torvalds has proudly announced the immediate availability of Linux kernel 3.13, which brings major improvements as well as new features.
Linux kernel 3.13 improvements include:
  • Automatic GPU switching for AMD Radeon video cards
  • Support for the AMD Radeon R9 290X Hawaii GPU
  • A scalable block layer specifically designed for high-performance SSDs.
  • Improvements include nftables, the successor of iptables
  • Power management for AMD Radeon graphics cards, which is now enabled by default.
Apart from these improvements the other features which were added includes:
  • Improved NUMA performance
  • Power capping framework designed for the Intel RAPL (Running Average Power Limit) mechanism
  • Improved page table access scalability in hugepage workloads
  • Support for the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture
  • Improved SquashFS performance
  • Support for NFC payments
  • Support for the high-availability Seamless Redundancy protocol, and
  • TCP Fast Open is now enabled by default.
Linux Kernel 3.13 brought these major changes, which also integrates various other small and important improvements, which can be seen in the Linux kernel 3.13 DriverArch web page. Visit the official release announcement page for the detailed information on Linux kernel 3.13.