Linux Kernel 3.14.3 Out For Grabs, A Must Upgrade For 3.14 Kernel Users

Greg Kroah-Hartman, in an email announcement of the release of the Linux kernel 3.14.3, says that the latest version of the stable Linux kernel implements a large number of commits and changes. Greg also mentioned that upgrading is a must for all the 3.14 kernel series users. “I'm announcing the release of the 3.14.3 kernel. All users of the 3.14 kernel series must upgrade. The updated 3.14.y git tree can be found at: git:// linux-3.14.y and can be browsed at the normal git web browser:;a=summary” said the email announcement.

After a couple of seemingly small versions released previously, the 3.14.3 kernel has gathered a large number of Arch improvements and drivers and not to mention several other fixes. The current release looks a lot bolder in comparison to the previous releases. Some of the features that Linux kernel 3.14 boasts of are various Radeon improvements, better support for Intel Broadwell graphics, support for NVIDIA Tegra PRIME, Btrfs changes and Nouveau improvements such as supporting the new GPUs from NVIDIA.

As per the changelog, “IDs have been added for the Hewlett-Packard HP POS pole displays, a crash that occurred during the hotplug of a PCI USB controller card has been fixed, client writing state is now ignored during cb completion, the default CPU selection for ARCH_MULTI_V5 has been fixed, a PCTV 290e LNA problem has been corrected, the read integration time function (iio) has been fixed, the default regulator init_data has been corrected (arizona-ldo1), the ucontrol path has been optimized (KVM), and the error handling of qla2x00_mem_alloc() has been fixed. Also, the compilation warning provided when !CONFIG_PCI && !CONFIG_PM has been fixed, the Intel Lynx Point ports are now switched to EHCI on shutdown, a potential buffer overrun in the sending diag packet routine has been fixed, headset microphone detection quirks have been added for three Dell laptops, support for the ALC288 codec has been added, boundary checks in the PCM pointer ops have been fixed, and the beep for ASUS 1015E has been enabled” notes Softpedia.

The official email announcement comprises the entire list of commits in this branch and you may click here to download Linux kernel 3.14.3.