Linux Kernel 3.15 RC2 Now Available For Testing

The second test release of the Linux 3.15 kernel is out, just one week after the big 3.15-rc1 release. It seems Linus Torvalds is making a habit of releasing kernel updates on the Sundays.

The first RC of Linux 3.15 was one of the major versions of updates in the recent history. According to Linus, rc1 is the biggest in memory, whereas rc2 looks fairly normal. The latest RC is out and ready to be tested, but do remember it’s still not a stable version.

Notable to 3.15-rc2 is that the size is turned out as an rtl8187se staging driver, which was available in RC1 has now been removed and replaced with the non-staging one. There have also been bug-fixes for the most common Linux file-systems and the other key parts of the Linux kernel. Some arch updates have also been implemented, along with a number of networking fixes and filesystem updates (cifs, sysfs, xfs).

As usual, the update is not big, as fewer developers sent their patches in time for the integration in the new RC, which means that the next Release Candidate will probably be just as big. Ubuntu users can easily test out this in-development kernel over the next few weeks via the Ubuntu mainline kernel PPA.