MaaS Global plans to roll out popular transit app globally

After raising $33 million, the company is ready to bring its subscription-based app, Whim, to a broader customer base

MaaS Global, a Finnish startup transportation company, is planning to roll out its subscription-based, multi-modal transportation service on a global scale.
Founded in Helsinki, the company is known for its mobile app, Whim, which centralizes transportation services and offers subscription services or pay-as-you-go plans. This allows for a simpler user interface, as there is no need to switch between different transportation apps as you commute. 
Whim, by MaaS Global, conveniently centralizes many transit options for its users (photo courtesy of Whim). 
Whim contains a variety of transportation options which include taxis, buses, trains, rental cars, bikes, and more. The app has proven successful is Helskinki, and following a major funding campaign, the MaaS Global is ready to bring Whim to the global stage. New locations for the app will include cities in the U.S., Japan, Singapore, and Europe. 
Whim is based on partnerships with other transportation service companies, therefore the deals can be costly and time-consuming. This is why MaaS Global needed extensive fundraising before rolling out Whim globally. According to sources, the company has raised around $60 million.
The "multi-modal" service which Whim offers is highly convenient to regular commuters. Users of the app will no longer need to switch between services, everything can be managed under the Whim app. The acronym "MaaS" actually stands for "mobility as a service," explaining why the acronym makes up the company's name. This method of centralizing transportation services is growing in popularity, with other similar apps such as Moovit adding numerous transport options to their service as well.
An unlimited Whim pass currently costs a customer $553/month. This covers rental cars, bikes, taxis, and all other options on Whim. Alternatively, you can just pay as you travel, there is no need for a monthly subscription. Prices will vary depending on the location, as partnerships with transit companies differ within each city.