macOS Big Sur Is Now Available

macOS Big Sur, the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system is available to Mac users as a free software update.

Recently, Apple announced the availability of macOS Big Sur, the latest version of the company's desktop operating system.

Apple said that macOS Big Sur is available to Mac users as a free software update. This latest version of Apple's desktop operating system introduces a beautiful redesign and is packed with new enhancements for key apps including Safari, Messages, and Maps, as well as new privacy features. 

macOS Big Sur leverages the power of the M1 chip to make the macOS experience even better for the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini. Apple says that the combination of Big Sur and M1 truly takes the Mac to a whole new level. This brings incredible capabilities, efficiency, and more apps than ever before, while maintaining everything users love about macOS.

macOS Big Sur features the biggest update to Safari since its original launch in 2003 that makes the browser even faster while maintaining industry-leading battery life. On new Macs with M1, Safari is now up to 1.5x speedier at running JavaScript and nearly 2 times more responsive. Redesigned tabs help you navigate Safari faster and more efficiently by showing more tabs onscreen, revealing page previews when hovering over tabs and displaying favicons by default for easy identification.'

Source: Apple

The browser comes with an innovative new Privacy Report that gives you an instant snapshot of trackers it prevents from profiling them on the web. New tools like data breach password monitoring helps you keep an eye out for saved passwords that may have been compromised, all without revealing a user’s account information, not even to Apple. 

Source: Apple

To prevent extensions from having access to the websites you visit, the tabs you have open, and, in some cases, even what you type, now, Safari prompts you to choose when and which websites can work with a Safari extension.