Map Suite Version 2.53.5 Available Now

Lawrence, KS – ThinkGeo is pleased to announce the release of Map Suite version 2.53.5. The new version boasts several additional features and a host of improvements and fixes that the company is certain will enhance the GIS development experience of all Map Suite users.

The most distinctive change in the latest version of ThinkGeo's Map Suite GIS controls for .NET is the addition of map rotation functionality. Among the many benefits this brings to developers is the ability to design GPS-like applications, where the map can rotate to indicate a direction of travel. "By adding support for map rotation, we have again raised the bar on what is possible with Map Suite," says Clint Batman, President and CEO of ThinkGeo.

Other improvements in Map Suite 2.53.5 include animated GIF support, two new projection classes, support for managed image loading, and a variety of new mode types, constructors, API bug fixes and enhancements.

Batman is also excited about the future of the Map Suite product line. "This release rounds out the functionality in the Map Suite 2.0 era, which is built on top of version 2.0 of the .NET Framework," he says. "In the coming weeks, look for exciting announcements about Map Suite 3.0 as we get set to release our next generation of mapping components."

For more information on Map Suite, including a complete list of changes in version 2.53.5 and the latest news on Map Suite 3.0, visit ThinkGeo's website at

ThinkGeo is an industry leader in GIS mapping controls and components. The company offers a wide variety of high-quality products for software developers who are using mapping and geospatial functionality within their applications. They have clients from a wide base of industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace. For more information about ThinkGeo products or professional services, visit or contact one of our sales representatives at or (866) 847-7510.


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