Maps Static API Can Now Leverage Cloud-based Maps Styling

Maps Static API enables developers to embed a map as a static image on a webpage using only HTML.

Recently, Google announced that cloud-based maps styling can now also be used with the Maps Static API.
Maps Static API enables you to embed a map as a static image on a webpage using only HTML, providing an easier-to-use alternative to the more interactive and feature-rich dynamic maps provided by the Maps JavaScript API. Static maps is a great solution for simple use cases where you only require to display a minimal number of points spread over a limited area, for example, the location of a single store.
 Source: Google
Earlier, to style static maps, you required verbose, difficult-to-manage syntax embedded in URL parameters. Now, all you need to do is develop a new map style with the in-console style editor, associate it with a map ID, and provide the ID in the request.
Google said that users now also get access to all of the exciting new Maps customization features for their static map, including customizing POI boosting and filtering, and easily updating and deploying changes from the Google Cloud console.