Member Power Rating - Need Your Input

C# Corner caters to all audiences, from beginners to experts. However, currently it is difficult to separate beginner from expert content. We thought it would be nice to let the community decide that.
Quality Rating
We’re working on a new Quality Rating control. This feature allows our MVPs and Moderators to rate the quality of a post. The quality feedback will not be public but it would be for internal ranking purposes only. Rating will range from 1 – 5, with the following specifications:
1. Poor - Not Acceptable. Drop it from the platform.
2. Needs Improvement - Acceptable but needs some fixes and improvements. After improvements, the content can be approved (Includes code quality).
3. Basic - This can be approved but will display to students and beginners. Do not display on home page, unless it’s a new technology and the user is an expert, not student.
4. Good - This is good to go. No extra points and higher ranking is given to content. Optimize code option available.
5. Expert - This is advanced, complex, and well-written content. This will get extra points and a higher ranking for every vote. Author also gets an extra vote towards to be promoted to become a moderator and eventually, an MVP.
Do you agree or disagree with this quality feature? Let us know.