Message From the Founder of C# Corner

Dear Authors,

First of all, thank you for your interest in sharing your expertise with the community and helping others.

Why do you write?

Let me ask you a question.

Why do you contribute?

If your goal is to take a few screen shots, and write a few lines of code, and earn points and a higher rank, then you’re doing it wrong. Your goal should be to write articles that are readable and useful to more people. Write less but write well.

“Write less but write well.”

C# Corner is a global community and more than half of our readers are from the U.S. and Europe. Every time your article or blog goes live, thousands of people read it. If they find your English bad or the quality of code poor, they will skip it. It also degrades the reputation of C# Corner.

Remember, this is not a race of numbers.

If you want to race, make it a race of quality. Every time you write a new article, ask yourself: How much did you improve compared to your last article?

What if I have a small tip or cool code?

If you have some unique code, or a tip that is useful, you can submit that as a FAQ or tip. You may also publish it as a blog.

“If you’re not improving each day, you’re wasting your time.”

Listen to your editors and readers

The best way to improve is by reading experts' articles and following their styles.

  • If you read a book or online documentation, pay attention to how an author has written the article.
  • Pay close attention to code samples written by experts.
  • Read your readers’ comments and reply to them regularly.
  • Make sure to follow proper author guidelines to help our editors.

Once you start following guidelines and start focusing on quality, it will become your habit and you will become a better author, coder, and person.

Here is an article, How To Write Good Article >

Please let me know what you think by posting comments below this post.


Mahesh Chand
Founder, C# Corner


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