Microsoft Lumia 650 Now Available With Windows 10

Microsoft announcedthe new Lumia 650, which will run on Windows 10. This device comes in matte black and matte white, and it will be available in selected European markets beginning February 15. The starting retail price of this device will be around $199 USD before local taxes and subsidies.
Microsoft states:
“We’re extremely proud of the Lumia 650 and believe it will quickly be seen as the device that provides the perfect balance between work and personal needs.”
Samuli Hänninen in the official blog states:
“I’ve had an opportunity to talk with our business customers as well as our Windows fans and something that consistently comes up is that this ever expanding mobile world is quickly becoming chaotic. It’s in that spirit that we designed the Lumia 650 to bring first class to business class; giving our customers the best of Microsoft productivity and security, all wrapped in a beautiful slim package. By providing a consistent experience across PC and phone through the power of Windows 10, we think professionals and Windows fans alike will love using it every day.”
Microsoft has paid detailed attention to this new Lumia 650. This device comes with a 5-inch OLED display, removable battery, and expandable storage. Its profile is 6.9mm and weights 122 grams; it’s incredibly light and thin. It also features a 5MP wide-angle front camera along with Microsoft’s flagship imaging algorithms, which provides remarkable photo and video capacities. The rear camera is 8MP, which includes and option for rich capture and living images.
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Microsoft Lumia 650 supports the latest Microsoft Office apps, which will allow you to create and also edit documents while on-the-go and sync them to clouds via OneDrive. This device is also perfect for picking up emails and important presentations while travelling. And, with the help of Cortana, your personal assistant, you can now organize and prepare for the next day.
Microsoft states:
“It’s secure by design and keeps company and personal data safer with features like device encryption and device wipe. These features allow businesses peace of mind, knowing important information in emails and files are protected from threats and empowers employees to use one device for work and play.”
Microsoft concluded by saying:
“As we’ve sharpened our mobile strategy with a new focus in phones, the Lumia 650 is another step towards bringing Windows 10 to more than a billion devices. Our phones will continue to play a key role in this effort. We’re improving our platform with regular updates and are committed to continuing to deliver the most productive and secure Windows-based smartphones to Windows fans and business customers.”
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