Microsoft Acquires Metanautix: A Big Data Startup

 Microsoft announced they have acquired Metanautix, which is a big data startup.
In the official blog states, Joseph Sirosh - Corporate Vice President, Data Group, Microsoft, states;
“Today I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft has acquired Metanautix, an innovative company that is helping solve one of the biggest challenges in the world of data analytics: How can a company bring all of its data together for analytics to gain powerful insights, discover new opportunities and drive growth through intelligent automation?”
Metanautix’ technology easily connects to the “data supply chain” irrespective of the type, size or location of the organization’s data.
The company states,
”Companies like Shutterfly rely on Metanautix for marketing campaign analytics to find the most effective ways to acquire and keep customers.”
The Metanautix technology, allows the IT teams to easily connect with multiple company’s information across private as well as public clouds, that too without going through the costly and complex process of moving the data into the centralized system. The solution helps in intergrating data across traditional databases, such as SQL Server, Teradata and Oracle, along with open source NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra. It also helps business systems along with a wide range of other cloud and on-premises data stores.
In the blog it was also stated,
“Key to Metanautix’ approach is making a wide variety of data query-able by SQL, the most widely used data query language – at speed and high scale.”
 Joseph Sirosh, concluded by staying
“In the coming months, we will have more to share about how we will bring Metanautix technology into the Microsoft data platform, including SQL Server and the Cortana Analytics Suite. As someone who has led complex, large scale data warehousing projects myself, I am extremely excited about the technology and talent we are bringing to Microsoft with this acquisition. It is another important part of our ongoing efforts to build the intelligent cloud and help our customers fully realize the value of their data.”

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