Microsoft Acquires Talko To Give Skype Future Innovation

Microsoft has announced that it has acquired Talko, a chat app for mobile founded by Ray Ozzie, in September 2014.
In its official blog Microsoft states,
“I am pleased to announce today that Microsoft has acquired technology from Talko, maker of an innovative mobile app for on-the-go business communications. As part of the agreement, Talko employees will join the Skype team. Together, the new technology and talent will help us deliver great new features and capabilities in both Skype and Skype for Business.”
For those who are not familiar with Talko, it is an app which bought text messages, calls, video clips, and sharing documents all into one app.
Talko in its official blog states,
“The app brought together messaging, calling, and conferencing - delivering a better way for mobile teams to communicate and be productive. Thousands of businesses have used Talko daily to coordinate their work while on-the-go.”
It is Microsoft’s intention to bring the features of Talko in Skype as well as in Skype for Business. In the blog Gurdeep Singh Pal Corporate Vice President, Skype; welcomed the entire team of Talko, stating,
“I welcome the new team members and am excited about how Talko will fuel more innovation at Microsoft, whether it is enhancing the way family members stay in touch with Skype or building on the new Skype for Business services within Office 365. This is another example of our company ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes. We continue to invest in new technologies to empower people to more effectively communicate and collaborate across their personal and professional lives.”
Talko service will shut down by March 2016, as its features are incorporated in Skype and its employee joins Microsoft. Except for Ray Ozzie, who has no plans of returning to the company.
Talko soon after joining Microsoft states,
“As part of the Skype team, we'll leverage Talko’s technology and the many things we’ve learned during its design and development. We'll strive to deliver the best of our product’s innovations far more broadly than on our current path.”