Microsoft aims Office 365 at small businesses

The software giant launches new Web-based productivity services designed to appeal to companies that can not afford the cost or complexity of comparable server based products. The service was introduced in beta last year with enthusiastic response and in a few months more than 200,000 organizations signed up and began testing it. Businesses using Office 365 are already reporting impressive results and reducing IT costs by up to an estimated 50 percent while boosting productivity. Microsoft is building a massive partner ecosystem around Office 365 including systems integrators software vendors  resellers and other partners. Today that ecosystem is expanding as the company partners in new ways with market-leading service providers. These companies will package Office 365 with their own services from Web hosting and broadband to finance solutions and mobile services and bring those new offerings to millions of small and midsize businesses globally. It's amazing to think that once connectivity reliability and security become accepted enterprise quality  this entails many things not just Office 365 you could start a company with essentially templates a vanilla infrastructure if you will and rapidly scale out to a global company without any of the legacy app & horrendous inter dependencies issues we have today.


We have customers who span different needs and environments and through these early pilot efforts we are able to improve our services and support to ensure that our current customers get the best possible experience they expect from Microsoft .New customers and those who want to migrate their accounts and data from other non Microsoft suites can sign up for Office 365 today.