Microsoft And Oracle Partners On Cloud Services

Microsoft and Oracle have allied on cloud computing services, uniting against AWS.

Microsoft and Oracle have partnered to make their two cloud computing services work together with high-speed links between their data centers, targeting big business users and uniting against cloud computing leader’s AWS, reported Reuters.
"With Oracle’s enterprise expertise, this alliance is a natural choice for us as we help our joint customers accelerate the migration of enterprise applications and databases to the public cloud," told Microsoft’s cloud chief Scott Guthrie.
In recent years, Amazon Web Services, the largest cloud computing provider, has encroached on many of those customers, including in Oracle’s historical stronghold in the database market.
Microsoft teams up with oracle on cloud 
"With this alliance, our joint customers can migrate their entire set of existing applications to the cloud without having to re-architect anything, preserving the large investments they have already made," said Don Johnson, executive vice president of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure unit.
Earlier, Microsoft inked a deal with SAP SE and Adobe Inc to make their services work better together.
Some industry experts believe the move is a clear jab at Amazon, especially for Oracle as Oracle views AWS as the biggest competitor in the database market.
Though, according to Anderson, there remained some unanswered questions about the deal, for example, whether customers would face data transfer fees for moving large amounts of information back and forth between services. Yet the move would likely benefit the organizations by helping their pitch to large businesses already using services from both.