Microsoft and Salesforce Partner On Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Azure is now Salesforce's public cloud provider for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Recently, Salesforce announced that it is moving its Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure. Also, the companies are partnering around Microsoft Teams, integrating Teams with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.
Marc Benioff and Keith Block, co-CEOs, Salesforce, said, "We’re excited to expand our partnership with Microsoft and bring together the leading CRM with Azure and Teams to deliver incredible customer experiences."
Source: Microsoft 
Microsoft said that by moving to Azure, Salesforce will be able to optimize Marketing Cloud’s performance as customer demand scales. This collaboration will greatly reduce customer onboarding times. Customers will be able to expand globally more quickly with Azure’s global footprint with local data security, privacy and compliance requirements.
Interestingly, it is worth noticing that Salesforce also recently announced a significant partnership with AWS around the Cloud Information Model.
To learn more, you can visit the official announcement here.