Microsoft And Truffle Partner On Blockchain

Now, this partnership will also manifest in upcoming tools from Truffle, such as Truffle Teams.

Recently, Microsoft announced an official partnership between its organizations to bring Truffle blockchain tools for developer experience and DevOps to Microsoft Azure.
Earlier in 2018, Microsoft and Truffle had kicked off their relationship by co-authoring guidance for using Truffle for consortium DevOps and incorporating Truffle-based tooling in Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum.
             Truffle Suite For Etherium
Source: Truffle 
Now, this partnership will manifest not just in Visual Studio and Azure DevOps, but also upcoming tools from Truffle such as Truffle Teams. People working in Truffle environments will have access to Azure services. And, on the other hand, Azure customers will get access to the suite of tools Truffle provides to make developing on Ethereum very easy.
Truffle provides a local, standalone blockchain node. This node is lightweight and you can spin it up for local dev/test quickly.
Truffle tools help developers in: 
  • Easily populate a node with test data
  • Easily deploy smart contracts
  • Write and execute tests for smart contracts
  • Interact with smart contracts
  • Debug smart contracts
For getting started, you can check out the Truffle extensions for Visual Studio Code here. You can visit the official announcement here.