Microsoft And Yellow Messenger Join Forces On Conversational AI

The collaboration aims to transform Yellow Messenger's voice automation solution using Azure AI Speech Services.

Recently, Microsoft and Yellow Messenger announced a collaboration to transform Yellow Messenger's voice automation solution using Azure AI Speech Services and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. The two companies will work together on building a more human-like voice assistant platform that will understand and respond on the basis of sentiment, dialect, and workflow.

"Our collaboration with Microsoft’s Azure Speech Services is empowering us to build customized voice models that allow higher accuracy and better intent understanding. Our voice assistants can hold natural conversations in over 35 languages and their variants across channels and devices enabled by our speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) cognitive services." said Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Cofounder, Yellow Messenger.

Source: Microsoft

As part of the collaboration Yellow Messenger has natively integrated Azure Cognitive Services on its platform. This will make accurate understanding and conversion of end customers’ voice to text across channels, using Azure’s real-time Speech to Text (STT) translation capabilities for more intuitive interaction.

Through Yellow Messenger, you can build AI-workers to self-serve, support, marketing, commerce, HR and IT on-demand, across chat, email, and voice channels. Developers can use these Microsoft Cognitive Services to make their applications across platforms more intelligent, engaging, and discoverable.

Well, two of India’s biggest private banks are already using Yellow Messenger’s voice virtual assistants for inbound and outbound customer service. According to Microsoft, approx 65% of support queries can be addressed and resolved by voice AI assistants and customer care teams can focus on critical issues.