Microsoft announced ‘AzCopy 5.1.1 Release’ for Azure Storage.

Microsoft has released AzCopy 5.1.1, for Microsoft Azure Storage, today. With this release, the company has leveraged Cloud Storage with some of the following updates.

  • Integration of Data Movement Library (DMLib) into AzCopy so that the users can know how exactly the transfer logic works in AzCopy. 

  • Users are now empowered with the ability to create a destination container, share, or table with Account SAS.

  • During copy operation, the users can see the total amount of data transferred and average transfer speed.

  • Also, the new version has some filename changes, like AzCopyEntires.jnl to AzCopyCheckpoint.jnl.

  •  Use full path in verbose log instead of relative path.
For downloading the latest released version and learning more about how to use AzCopy, you can go through the AzCopy 5.1.1 details link.

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