Microsoft Announces F# 5

F# 5 ships with .NET 5 and adds a few more orthogonal features to the language.

Recently, Microsoft announced the general availability of F# 5, which ships with the latest release of .NET, .NET 5.

F# is the open-source, cross-platform, functional-first counterpart for C#. The language is used more for complex computing use cases like interactive Big Data analytics and more.

Microsoft said that from F# 4.1 to F# 5, the key focus for F# has been to bring up great support for .NET Core (now .NET 5).  The release of F# 5 marks the start of a new era of F# evolution centered around three main things i.e. Interactive programming, Making analytical-oriented programming convenient, and Great fundamentals and performance for functional programming on .NET

The company has added a few more orthogonal features that provide even better interactive and analytical programming.  F# 5 is the new default language version for the .NET SDK and Visual Studio. So, any new project compiled with either of those toolsets will use F# 5.

F# 5 is bringing support for package references in F# scripts with #r "nuget:..." syntax. Package references support packages with native dependencies, like ML.NET. And, to coincide with package references, F# 5 is fully supported in Jupyter Notebooks, nteract, and VSCode Notebooks.

Source: Microsoft

Some of the highlights of the release inlcude String Interpolation, Support for nameof, Open Type declarations, Enhanced Slicing, F# quotations improvements, Applicative Computation Expressions, Improved stack traces in F# async and other computation expressions, and a lot more.

To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.

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