Microsoft Announced New Initiatives To Fight Disinformation

Microsoft brings Video Authenticator, which can analyze a photo or video and tell whether the media is fake.

Recently, Microsoft announced new technologies to fight disinformation.
The company announced Microsoft Video Authenticator, which can analyze a still photo or video to give a percentage chance, or confidence score, that the media is artificially manipulated. It provides this score in real-time on each frame as the video plays. The technology works by detecting the blending boundary of the deepfake and subtle fading or greyscale elements that you can not detect by the human eye.
Source: Microsoft
Microsoft explained that Video Authenticator was created using a public dataset from Face Forensic++ and has been tested on the DeepFake Detection Challenge Dataset.
The company also announced new technology that can both detect manipulated content and assure viewers that the media they are viewing is authentic. It has two components. The first one is a tool built into Microsoft Azure that allows a content producer to add digital hashes and certificates to a piece of content.
The second component is a reader, which can exist as a browser extension or in other forms. It checks the certificates and matches the hashes in order to tell you with a high degree of accuracy that the content is authentic and it hasn’t been changed. The reader also provides details about who produced it.
Microsft said that it has partnered with the AI Foundation in order to bring the power and protection of AI to everyone in the world. As part of this partnership, the AI Foundation’s Reality Defender 2020 (RD2020) initiative will make Video Authenticator available to organizations committed in the democratic process, including news outlets and political campaigns.