Microsoft Announces Azure Cloud Service For Internet Of Things And More

At a customer event in San Francisco, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Nadella talked about a world where every company has a data-centric culture and, preferably, those companies would be using Microsoft products like Office and Azure. Microsoft also shared the results of the new IDC research that show, companies that take a comprehensive approach to data, stand to realize an additional 60 percent return on their data assets, a worldwide opportunity of $1.6 trillion.

"The era of ambient intelligence has begun, and we are delivering a platform that allows companies of any size to create a data culture and ensure insights reach every individual in every organization," Nadella said.

Nadella outlined his vision for Microsoft’s “data platform,” which includes key services within the company’s Office, Azure, and SQL Server divisions. At the event, Nadella introduced three new Microsoft offerings: Azure Intelligent Systems Service, Analytics Platform System, and SQL Server 2014.

Azure Intelligent Systems Services is an attempt to unite the cloud and the Internet of Things or we can say that Intelligent Systems Services (ISS) promises to improve the process of managing and capturing a machine-generated data from the sensors and devices connected in the so-called Internet of Things, regardless of the operating system. He also announced the availability of a limited beta of the Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service.

Another officially announced product, is Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System (APS). It is a tool that pulls in data from the relational warehouses as well as code stored in Hadoop for analysis, and grew their data using Microsoft’s SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse. Microsoft calls it “big data in a box.”

Lastly, the company has launched SQL Server 2014, an application with which companies can analyze data with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Nadella described it as "born in the cloud," developed for Azure and the cloud first. The new build of SQL is designed to handle all data in-memory, a shift which allows a faster access to the data, Nadella claimed.

Microsoft also highlighted its “Power BI” tools, which attempts to turn Office into a useful UI for data, a cloud-based, self-service business intelligence solution with groundbreaking natural language capabilities; Azure HDInsight for elastic Hadoop in the cloud; PolyBase to bring structured and unstructured data together in a data warehouse appliance; and Power Query for Excel, which makes it easier for people to discover data.

Nadella described the intention of the event, as an option to explain the data-platform piece of the company's cloud first, mobile first strategy. During the event, various Microsoft executives provided demonstrations of the recently released Microsoft products. More information on all the three products can be found on the official SQL Server blog.