Microsoft Announces Azure Communication Services

Azure Communication Services is a fully managed communication platform offering, built natively on Azure.

Recently, Microsoft announced Azure Communication Services, which the company claims, is the first fully managed communication platform offering from a major cloud provider.
Microsoft said that as Azure Communication Services is built natively on cloud Azure, users can build and deploy on the same low latency global communication network used by Microsoft Teams to support more than 5 billion meeting minutes in a single day.
 Source: Microsoft
Azure Communication Services also enables you to easily tap into other Azure services, like Azure Cognitive Services for translation, sentiment analysis and more. You also benefit from all communications being encrypted to meet privacy and compliance needs, such as HIPAA and GDPR.
The developer-friendly APIs and SDKs make it easy to develop personalized communication experiences quickly, without having to worry about complex integrations. And all these capabilities can be used on virtually any platform and device.
"We see rich communication experiences—enabled by voice, video, chat, and SMS—continuing to be an integral part in how businesses connect with their customers across devices and platforms. Azure Communication Services brings together the best of communication technology, development efficiency, cloud scale, and enterprise-grade security." wrote Microsoft