Microsoft Announces Azure Functions Extension For Dapr

Microsoft announced a new extension for Azure Functions that lets a function seamlessly interact with Dapr for building cloud-native applications. The extension is fully open source on GitHub.
Well, Dapr is a distributed application runtime that gives a set of cloud-native building blocks including state management, service invocation, publish and subscribe, and distributed tracing. To provide these capabilities across the cloud and edge, Dapr runs as a sidecar to any application, integrating it with any programming model or framework, including Express, Flask, ASP.NET or Functions.
Microsoft said that this new extension allows you to bring both together for serverless and event-driven apps that can use the vast set of capacities Dapr offers.
 Image Source: Microsoft
This extension is currently focused on being used with the runtime of Azure Functions hosted in Kubernetes or IoT Edge, and is not currently available in the hosting plans for Azure Functions.
In addition to the serverless offering within the Azure cloud, Azure Functions, provides an event-driven runtime and programming model for those apps. These Functions allows developers to write event-driven code that can trigger and scale on events, and all that with a number of out of the box triggers and bindings to push your data.
According to Microsoft, this new extension allows developers to more easily pair the Azure Functions programming model with capabilities from Dapr. Developers can use the Dapr extension to publish and subscribe to topics between functions.
The extension supports triggering functions on a Dapr service invocation, Dapr input/output bindings, or pub/sub events. It provides integration to use Dapr state, secrets, topics, and bindings from directly in your function code.
The Dapr SDKs and contracts are handled entirely via the host Azure Functions, enabling developers to easily and efficiently surface these capabilities.