Microsoft Announces Azure Health Bot

Azure Health Bot is a progression of Microsoft Healthcare Bot with added functionality.

Recently, Microsoft announced Azure Health Bot, an evolution of Microsoft Healthcare Bot service. Healthcare Bot service on Azure, will further empower you to benefit from Azure’s enhanced tooling, security, and compliance offerings.

Microsoft said that customers will be able to migrate from Microsoft Healthcare Bot to Azure Health Bot with a few simple steps and no downtime. Azure Health Bot will enable you to build and deploy AI-powered, compliant, conversational healthcare experiences at scale.

Source: Microsoft

You can start building your Azure Health Bot for free and switch to a paid plan later. The free plan allows you for testing out your conversational use cases, Build-out and publish a proof of concept.

The service combines built-in medical databases with natural language capabilities. Azure Health Bot benefits from Azure’s security investments and the comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud service provider. The company said that  Azure Health Bot will make it easier than ever before to build bots for healthcare-specific scenarios.

The service currently is available in two regions (East US and West Europe), and will expand to eight regions over the coming months.