Microsoft Announces Bot Framework For Developers

Microsoft introduced Bot Framework, a platform for developers to create and integrate intelligent bots into their app. It means developers can build assistants for their apps.

Today is the first day of Microsoft's Build developer conference that started with Microsoft revealing that its newest operating system Windows 10 is being used actively on more than 270 million devices, with that an announcement for free Anniversary Update for Windows 10 also created excitement. However, just now, Microsoft introduced Bot Framework, a platform for developers to create and integrate intelligent bots into their app. It means developers can build assistants for their apps. 
The Bot Framework built to be intelligent and learning from user interaction, for example, interactions broken through Cortana, that means start a start a chat with a Dominos bot after saying “Hey Cortana, order a pizza.
For demonstration, Microsoft assembled a chatbot on stage for Domino's displaying how a conversational interface could replace the standard online ordering forms. For example, to choose your pizza toppings by selecting from a drop down menu.
The Microsoft Bot Framework will also create chatbots that can integrate into a range of platforms. These platforms include Skype, Slack, Telegram, email, and the web.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said,
"We want every developer to be able to build bots as the new application for every business and every service. We want all developers to be able to infuse intelligence into their applications."
Microsoft will assist boost these programs through"cognitive micro services", that are small scoops of prepackaged intelligence to give bots the power to understand natural language.
He also said,  
“It’s a simple concept, yet it’s very powerful in its impact. It’s about taking the power of human language and applying it more pervasively to all of our computing. That means we need to infuse into our computers and computing intelligence — intelligence about us and our context, and by doing so we think this can have as profound an impact as previous platforms.”
Microsoft Bot Framework components are available to download on Github.
Microsoft Bot Framework will allow developers to build intelligent apps without knowing machine learning.  
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