Microsoft Announces Dynamics CRM App For Outlook

The CRM app for Outlook has been introduced in the CEM 2015 Update 1 as a preview feature and it is completely supported with CRM Online 2016. The CRM On Preview Support will be made available with CRM 2016 Update 1.0.
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM App for Outlook is a lightweight app, which you will easily be able to use in order to view Microsoft Dynamics CRM information and also track email from within Outlook. The CRM data will appear right in your Outlook Inbox.
The CRM App for Outlook is now available in Outlook Web Access (OWA) too, the Desktop Outlook (Laptop or PC) and also as a Mobile App (for Tablets and Smartphones).
According to the official blog, the Dynamics CRM App for Outlook allows you conduct the following features without the need to configure or install.
  • Work in the familiar Outlook environment,
  • Easily track/ untrack emails wherever you are
  • Convert an email message into a new CRM Record.
  • Create CRM contact records for people on the from list that aren’t already included in the CRM database.
  • Preview information about contacts and leads stored in CRM.
  • Open CRM records directly to find or enter more detailed information.
  • Create new CRM records for any entity, as long as the entity has been enabled for mobile (*) and for multi-entity search.
Only entities enabled for mobile are visible in the CRM App for Outlook. To enable an entity for mobile you need to access the specific entity under Settings -> Customization -> Customize the System and mark “enable for mobile.”
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Eligibility Requirements & Deployment
The CRM App for Outlook can be facilitated only for CRM Online 2016 or later deployments. Dynamics CRM App for Outlook now available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises is planned for CRM 2016 Update 1.0.
Mailbox Settings
It is necessary to ensure that the user’s mailbox is configured to synchronize incoming emails through Server side Sync.
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User Settings
User needs to have a minimum set of privileges so as to qualify as an eligible user for the CRM App for Outlook. The minimum level of permissions is described in the picture below:
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If the above requirements are met, users should be eligible to use the App.
Users can also add the App to their Outlook by accessing Personal Options, Apps for Dynamics CRM.
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CRM Administrators have the possibility to push the app automatically or manually for all or some eligible users from Settings, CRM App for Outlook.
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For more information, check here.

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