Microsoft Announces Entity Framework Core 1.0

Microsoft makes Entity Framework Core 1.0.0, a lightweight, extensible as well as cross-platform version of Entity Framework, available .
EF Core 
Microsoft now comes with EF Core vs. EF6.x section in their documentation. It includes guidance on when to use EF Core, feature comparisons, along with information on porting to EF Core.
The kind of application which the company recommends by using EF Core is as stated below:
New applications, which do not need the features that have yet not been implemented in EF Core.
Applications which target the .NET Core, like Universal Windows Platform and ASP.NET Core application.
For more information of EF Core, check here.
  • Supported databases
  • At the time of release, the following database providers are available for EF Core.
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • Postgres (Npgsql)
  • SQL Server Compact Edition
  • InMemory (for testing purposes)
  • DevArt has paid providers for MySQL, Oracle, and many other databases 
Microsoft states,
“We are continuing to work with other database vendors to have more providers available soon. At this stage, they do not have publically available timelines for their releases.”
Known issues
Some of the known issues available in Core 1.0 are the following:
  • EF Core: Some queries significantly slower when executed async 
  • EF Core: Pre-RTM migrations may need maxLength added to string columns 
  • EF Core: Commands on UWP projects require manually adding binding redirects .
The company states,
“It is also worth noting that the EF Core LINQ provider is still maturing. LINQ providers are complex and take time to mature, and EF Core in no exception. Improving our LINQ provider will be one of the main focuses of our upcoming releases. The majority of issues result in an exception when you attempt to execute a LINQ query that contains a particular pattern. There are often ways to workaround these issues by expressing the same query using different patterns, or evaluating parts of the query client-side. We try to include these workarounds in the issue, when they are available.”

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