Microsoft Announces GA Of Azure Sentinel, And Trusted Cloud Tour

Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM, offers intelligent security analytics at cloud scale for businesses.

Recently, Microsoft announced the Trusted Cloud Tour, a combination of multi-city and virtual sessions that will touch more than 150 enterprises across the country. Alongside, the tech-giant also announced the general availability of Azure Sentinel, which is a cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) system, in India.
According to Microsoft Trusted Cloud Tour is a year-long program designed to help enterprises build trust and a comprehensive information security strategy.
It aims to support enterprises to enhance trust in their services and build a cybersecurity strategy in the era of flux and transformation.
Microsoft said the program will give enterprises an insight into the current data governance trends and regulations across the globe and in India. It will help organizations manage cloud security intelligently by proactively monitoring, analyzing and prioritizing threats within their environment to counter next-gen attacks.
 Microsoft announced the Trusted Cloud Tour
Source: Microsoft 
Also, Trusted Cloud Tour will enable companies to leverage technologies like AI and ML for developing security capabilities, and serve as a platform for brainstorming and exchange of ideas for frontline security executives.
The tour is scheduled to culminate in the first annual Microsoft CISO Awards which will appreciate best practices across industries at the end of the fiscal year.
Microsoft also announced the GA of Azure Sentinel. Azure Sentinel blends the insights of Microsoft experts and AI with the insights and skills of in-house defenders of organizations and ML tools to discover the most sophisticated attacks before they take root.