Microsoft Announces GA Of SecretManagement And SecretStore

Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretManagement, and Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretStore are now generally available on the PowerShell Gallery.

Recently, Microsoft announced two modules that are now generally available on the PowerShell Gallery: Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretManagement, and Microsoft.PowerShell.SecretStore

The SecretManagement module helps you manage secrets by giving a common set of cmdlets to interface with secrets across vaults. The module utilizes an extensible model where local and remote vaults can be registered and unregistered for use in accessing and retrieving secrets.

After installing ScretManagement you can run Get-SecretVault to see what secret vaults you have registered. In case this is your first time using the module this command will return nothing as nothing is registered. After having a vault registered you can utilize the SecretManagement cmdlets to view, get, set, and remove secrets.

Cross-platform, local, extension vault - SecretStore - is also now available on the PowerShell Gallery. SecretStore vault is designed to be supported in all the same environments as PowerShell 7. SecretStore encrypts secrets on the file system, for remote options Microsoft recommends exploring alternative vaults such as Azure Key Vault.

Source: Microsoft

SecretStore stores secrets locally on file for the current user, and makes use of .NET Core cryptographic APIs to encrypt file contents. The Azure Key Vault extension is available on the PowerShell Gallery beginning in Az.KeyVault module v3.3.0. It makes use of a common authentication system with the rest of the Az PowerShell module, and enables users to interact with an existing Azure Key Vault via the SecretManagement interface.

Microsoft said that it will continue to invest in the SecretManagement experience based on the feedback from this GA release.

For additional details, you can visit the official announcement here.