Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Cloud-Based Enterprise Integration Pack

Microsoft announced general availability of Enterprise Integration Pack within Logic Apps, which will be simplified further in business-to-business (B2B) communications in the cloud. It allows you to easily and reliably process business transactions, track as well as troubleshoot B2B events, along with leveraging additional out-of-the-box-connectors.
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The Enterprise Integration Pack, which you can take advantage of, is faster and much more reliable and versatile B2B/EDI solution compared to traditional integration solutions. The Integration accounts, available within Enterprise Integration Pack, quickly creates and manages cloud based B2B related artifacts, such as maps, schemas, trading partners, agreements, and certificates. With this particular release, the electronic data interchange (EDI) is easier than it was before, and you can now send, receive, and troubleshoot B2B transaction across a wide range of protocols, including AS2, EDIFACT, and X12.
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One of the important abilities is to view and troubleshoot B2B events via System Management Solutions. The Enterprise Integration Pack allows you to track the B2B events in several flexible ways, such as built-in tracking which would be routed to Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) by using the out-of-the-box tracking portal. You will be able to view as well as troubleshoot B2B transactions over AS2 and X12 formats, and the EDIFACT will be made available in the next few weeks.
Along with this, an all new RESTful tracking API will enable you to send tracking events from Logic App executions along with other applications for end to end visibility. You can also go on to add and correlate tracking data across your business process in the Operations Management Suite.
The company states that they have added more enterprise connectors, in order to make it simple as well as fast, so as to establish connections with business applications. The MQ Series and SAP ECC connectors are now available in preview, with more connectors coming in the next few months.

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