Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Power BI Real-Time Streaming Datasets

Microsoft announced the general availability of real-time streaming datasets in Power BI. This feature will allow you to easily stream data to Power BI via the REST API, Azure Stream Analytics, or PubNub and you will be able to see that particular data instantly light on the dashboards.
In addition to this, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Stream Analytics outputting to Power BI streaming datasets. This particular feature will allow you to build streaming tiles on top of datasets pushed to the Power BI by Azure Stream Analytics; however, it would still be supporting all the existing functionality.
Kent Weare, Senior Enterprise Architecture and Integration Lead, states,
“What is exciting about streaming datasets is the latest value now being available, while aggregating data is often required for trending analysis, latest value provides immediate feedback about how a device, or piece of equipment is performing.”
For more information check the official blog.