Microsoft Announces Generally Availability Of AMS Telemetry Platform Features

Microsoft announces new Azure Media Services (AMS) telemetry platform features which are now generally available through Telemetry API. Media Services telemetry allows you to monitor as well as measure the health of your services through a suite of telemetry data. The Telemetry data has been written to your Azure Storage account and it can be processed as well as visualized by using a wide array of data visualization tools.
This release includes telemetry metrics for Channel, Streaming Endpoint, and Archive entities. The Telemetry data has been written to an Azure Storage table in the storage table available in storage accounts specified when configuring telemetry for your media services account.
Microsoft goes on to state,
“Telemetry data is stored in aggregate in a table, “TelemetryMetricsYYYYMMDD,” for each day’s data (where “YYYYMMDD” denotes the date timestamp).”
The data available in each telemetry row now represents an aggregation of telemetry which has been raised over an aggregation time window, mentioned below. The company states that each of the entity pushes telemetry with the following frequencies:
  • Channels: Every 60 seconds
  • Streaming Endpoints: Every 30 seconds
  • Archive: Every 60 seconds
For more information, check the official website.

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