Microsoft Announces Major OneDrive Updates, Makes Sharing Videos On FB Possible

Microsoft yesterday released major OneDrive updates, taking into consideration the regular customer feedbacks, the firm says, “We always prioritize feedback from our customers. And today, we’re announcing a number of exciting updates to both the web and our mobile app that deliver on some of the top requests we’ve received. These updates will be rolling out to OneDrive users over the coming days.”
Now by using the web interface, the method of managing the files stored in the cloud would be simple. In order to make the photos and videos easier to view, the thumbnails have been made bigger, “To make the photos and videos you care about easier to see, we’ve increased the size of thumbnails to create a more beautiful view of your photos and videos.”
Image Courtesy: The OneDrive Blog
To make your videos search friendly, the videos have been added to the All Photos view, and at the same time, the video playback has also been worked upon, “You may also notice that our video playback has improved with this release as well as adding support for more browsers and mobile phones.” explains the firm.
Thanks to this update, OneDrive now also supports album cover customization. Meaning, you can now make one of your photos, present in your account, as a static cover photo for the respective specific folder. Clicking “Manage” and then clicking on “Add as cover.” simply would do the job.
Image Courtesy: The OneDrive Blog
One of the most looked forward to feature of this update is its ability of allowing you to publish videos on Facebook. The blog posted on The OneDrive Blog announcing the update states, “This update brings the ability for you to also publish videos to Facebook too! But the really exciting thing about this is that the videos (and photos) you share to Facebook are natively published. So when you have that awesome video you want your friends to see, they can see it straight in Facebook (without clicking back to OneDrive) and they can comment, tag, and do all the things in Facebook they are used to.”. So, from now on, you can publish videos on Facebook straight from your web interface.
Image Courtesy: The OneDrive Blog  
The newer OneDrive also improves its sharing features by allowing you to add more items without making you reconfigure the entire folder, "OneDrive lets you share individual files in a folder as a group. This is pretty convenient In the case of photos when you only want to share the best vacation photos from a folder containing hundreds or if you want to share a few photos of an event from your Camera roll.
Now we offer the ability to add more items after you’ve already shared the original grouping. Just go to your Shared view, right click on the group that you want to modify, and select Add.”
Image Courtesy: The OneDrive Blog
Lastly, this update also offers more power and control to the mobile app on Android. In the version 2.5 for Android 4.0+, the user can, sort files and folders, share files and folders by inviting people, sending a link, or sending files to another app, move files and folders, update the View and Edit sharing preferences and select multiple files to download.

If you are a OneDrive user, expect these updates anytime soon.