Microsoft Announces Microsoft Teams Developer Platform Preview

Yesterday, at #MSBuild, Microsoft announced Microsoft Teams developer preview that is available for download for developers.

The details are also announced via a blog post by Richard Moe.

From the blog post:
“At preview, we delivered a rich platform with tabs, bots and Office 365 Connectors. Today we are announcing new features for building more engaging experiences, like compose extensions, Actionable Messages in Connectors and activity feed notifications, along with a new way to package and publish apps that makes it easy for users to discover and start using them right within Teams.”

“Build a tab, bot, connector, compose extension, activity feed notification or any combination to make your service engaging and relevant for people working and collaborating in Microsoft Teams. You can package all these capabilities into a single Teams app making it simpler for you to publish and manage. In the coming weeks, users will be able to add your published apps from a new in-product discovery experience. Whether you've built a bot or a single Teams app with multiple capabilities, end-users will find it all in one place and when they install an app, they get all the pieces together.”

Download and get started with Microsoft Teams developer preview here >


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