Microsoft announces new app for popular Office software

New app plans to centralize and simplify the Office experience on mobile devices.

Good news today for fans of Microsoft Office! In an announcement from their Ignite Conference, Microsoft has announced a new, centralized Office application for mobile devices. This upcoming app will take popular mobile apps Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and combine them into one convienent location. This reduces the need for unnecessary extra applications as well as the time needed to switch between them. 
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 Microsoft's Office apps are some of the most popular on the mobile marketplace. (photo courtesy of
According to Microsoft, the new app will also have additional features, such as the ability to "snap a picture of a document" and turn in into a Word or Excel file which can then be edited.
Sources say that this new application will not replace the three individual apps which already exist. Microsoft acknowledges that some would still prefer to install the specific app which best fulfills their needs. However, for many this new all-in-one system will likely be more convienent. Perhaps if the new application is successful, Microsoft will consider adding more of their Office software to it in the future. 
Currently, public release of the new app is projected to be in the "first half of next year."