Microsoft Announces New Features To Its Virtual Personal Assistant Cortana

Today, Microsoft announced numerous new features for its virtual personal assistant Cortana. The company is at the moment extending Cortana’s abilities with greater integration into the Outlook email and calendar apps, along with smarter recognition of specific time and activity requests. Another new feature, which includes the ability to reply to text message from Android phone on Windows PC and smart tasks, such as the submitting of expenses based on the incoming email, automatically.
Developers will now be able to integrate Cortana into their apps, hence allowing you to perform actions with voice commands along with other automated functions. Cortana is also getting integrated into Skype, providing assistance via chat interface and interaction with third-party bots from other services. Microsoft is making Cortana the center of the bot-filled universe, where the virtual assistance will be assisting us with everyday’s mundane tasks.
Microsoft is stressing that Cortana is not only about Microsoft, but it is about making it the best possible digital assistance for everyone, across all platforms- Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox and beyond.
The most obvious and useful features here is that Microsoft is putting Cortana ahead of its login screen. You will now be able to say “Hey, Cortana” even when you are not logged into your PC. You will of course not be getting any of the personalized features of Cortana without logging in, as this would give in a whole slew of privacy issues.
Microsoft goes on to say that some of Cortana updates, such as support from the lock screen, will be included along with the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 later this year.

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